Publishing house application

Publishing house application

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48 - New customers
23 - Ongoing customers
17 - Customers from Social Media
17 - Direct customers


After a short period of designing the application of publishing houses and making a good marketing plan for it and promoting the application in search engines and social networking sites as well as some ads for messages and WhatsApp, with an extensive ads campaign on social networking sites, the application was able to achieve its most important goals, which is to reach a large percentage of the book in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia and obtaining their evaluation of the application services and also assisting in its development by developing their opinions.
95% E-marketing
75% Increase in visitors
80% Interactive increase on social media

Customer Rating

We designed an application to help writers search for publishing houses located inside the Kingdom and a computer science platform helped us greatly in bringing our idea to reality and designing it well and interactively as well as marketing it professionally and reaching our customers throughout the Arab world.
Ahmed Al-Saeedi
The owner of the publishing application