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My library platform

My library platform

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48 - New customers
23 - Ongoing customers
17 - Customers from Social Media
17 - Direct customers


After only two months of designing the library platform, the platform has become one of the largest sources of knowledge, the establishment of small libraries and the fulfillment of dreams of many young people in establishing small libraries and sharing their knowledge with others, and the marketing plan developed by us contributed to a significant increase in the number of visitors and subscribers to the site, whether from Google or from Social Media
95% E-marketing
75% Increase in visitors
80% Interactive increase on social media

Customer Rating

A computer science platform helped us a lot in designing a global, interactive and compatible site with all devices, and it also made a seo station and e-marketing within the good start that we had aspired to and reaching the largest possible number of clients interested in our services.
Khaled Al-Otaibi
My library platform manager