About the computer science platform

A short summary of the history of the Computer Science platform

Professional web design is distinguished by the goal of the platform when designing and programming websites. We provide web design service in a computer science platform with the latest technologies and technical methods in designing websites. We create the website in a way that is appropriate for search engines and all internet browsers and mobile devices. Tablets, iPhones and others in line with international standards in the design and programming of websites, as well as applications and e-marketing, our goal is your success.

Our E-marketing services are considered one of the best services available in the Arab market in the entire Middle East, and our services depend on the best modern and safe way that is compatible with all the rules and conditions of social networking sites, which makes working with us safe and sound without fear of anything.

Many of us suffer from many problems in writing his graduation project, perhaps he does not have enough time for him or he does not have enough ideas to write a good research that is appropriate for him and ensures his success, and with a computer science company we offer you the best services for writing scientific research in the best and safe way and also Low prices.

  1. Nov, 2014
    Establish a platform

    The platform was established in 2014 with lots and lots of ambitions and dreams in order to provide the best technology services with a clear plan and strategy and its aim was to provide the best services to our customers in the Middle East, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  2. Aug, 2015
    Platform seat change

    The platform started from the owner’s residence at home, but with the significant development in demand and the increase in the number of customers, he decided to move to a large office in King Abdullah Economic City, and from here the real start of the company and targeting customers in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries also began, which contributed to the growth The company greatly.

  3. Oct, 2016
    Increase staff

    Our platform is keen on choosing a distinguished and professional staff in order to help customers by providing their experiences well and also help them in developing their commercial activities or building a good business activity, and it can compete in a very serious and very big way with the current companies, whether on the Internet or outside.

  4. Feb, 2017
    Website development

    Due to the increase in demand and the increase in the number of clients, the platform decided to develop the site in order to suit technology developments in the current era, and also to be compatible with all platforms, whether computer, mobile or tablet, in order to show all our customers our great ability to develop and keep pace with the developments of the age that also never stop.

  5. Nov, 2018
    Our application

    Computer science platform has always thought about the development of its own application in order to meet all the needs of customers and ease of access to them at any time, but the idea of our application is somewhat related to the size of the request and since the size of the request does not fit at all with the huge application that the company is planning, the launch of the application was postponed until a year 2020 to be a suitable application for our big customers.

  6. May, 2019
    Permanent development

    At the present time, our team is still trying and continues to try to develop itself and its skills and learn about the many changes that happen in the world of technology every day without stopping, and all of that so that we can provide the best services to our valued customers, whether in design or e-marketing or even the work of graduation projects or Curriculum Vitae.

  7. Jul, 2019

    In the name of of Allah the Merciful

We work for your success

Always our first and last goal is your success, the development of your business or your self-development, and your success in your working life. Your personal success is our success.

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If you have a large company and want to rebuild your brand or brand, you are in the right place. We have all the right solutions for all types of companies, whether big or small.

Meet the staff

An elite group of e-marketing experts on the Internet and design, as well as experts in writing and exclusive content appropriate for all sections and types, whether you are a site owner or want to write a graduation project.
Bassam Farhan

The platform owner

Abdullah Al-Dossary

Administration Officer


Responsible for the content

Abdullah alzahrani

Graduation Officer responsible

Excellent technical support
We offer you the best technical support services currently available in the entire Middle East, only with us you can design and maintain the best commercial activity as well.
Helpful staff
We know in the computer science platform the importance of job satisfaction and getting all its services well, and therefore job satisfaction is our first and primary goal.
Fast performance
Not only are the best services we provide, but we also provide them as quickly as possible in order to take advantage of your available time.

Our vision

Customer satisfaction is our goal. This phrase summarizes the goals and vision of the company, which aims to help in developing the technology sector in the Kingdom and the entire Arab world. We are working to provide the best technological services to small investors and large companies as well.

Customer reviews

Their services are very excellent, the support is extremely helpful and at any time of the day throughout the week.
Khaled Al-Hajri
Khaled Al-Hajri
Director general
They helped us in a very big way to increase the volume of private sales, and we were happy to deal with a computer science platform
Mashaél Albasheer
Mashaél Albasheer
Sales Manager
A very professional company that helped me solve the problems of my clients, and also in developing my skills
Ahmed Abdullah
Ahmed Abdullah
Web Developer
The company helped me a lot in competing with the real estate giants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their work was excellent and fast, I thank all the staff. greetings to you all.
Manal Aljundi
Manal Aljundi
Owner of a real estate company